Podcast: Industry Roundtable with Rodger Reiswig Episode 1403/21/2022

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The NDRN- Advocacy and Life Safety for People with Disabilities - In this episode, Rodger is joined by Curt Decker, NDRN Executive Director, and Mark Larson, NDRN Fire Code Consultant.  Together they discuss the founding and mission of the National Disability Rights Network (NDRN) and how the NDRN and code bodies are working together to create safer buildings for everyone.

Podcast: Industry Roundtable with Rodger Reiswig Episode 1301/10/2022

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Testing and Inspections, Reporting And Maintaining Life Safety Systems - In this episode Rodger is joined by Frank Manganella, Lead Fire Alarm Inspector for Greenville County School District in Greenville, SC, and John Stobb, Fire Safety Supervisor for the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, to talk about the challenges they face, how to handle the testing and inspections at their facilities and how new compliance reporting technology is helping them be more efficient. 

Podcast: Industry Roundtable with Rodger Reiswig Episode 1212/08/2021

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NFPA History and Heritage - In this episode Rodger and his guest Russ Fleming, retired President of the National Fire Sprinkler Association and retired Managing Director of the International Fire Sprinkler Association discuss how NFPA got started, why and how the standards were developed and much more.  

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Podcast: Industry Roundtable with Rodger Reiswig Episode 1111/03/2021

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Decoding Codes and Standards - In this episode Rodger and his guest, Ken Isman, Clinical Professor of Fire Protection at the University of Maryland explore how codes and standards are defined, how they are related, and how they work together to keep people and facilities safe.

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NEW Simplex Heritage Video Released10/20/2021

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This new video recaps the history of Simplex and the major milestones in our heritage.

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Podcast: Industry Roundtable with Rodger Reiswig Episode 1010/08/2021

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What is a Fire Protection Engineer?

In this episode Rodger and his guest, James A. Milke, P.E., professor and chair of the Department of Fire Protection Engineering at the University of Maryland discuss the role of a Fire Protection Engineer. 

Podcast: Industry Roundtable with Rodger Reiswig Episode 9 09/02/2021

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Introduction to NICET - In this episode Rodger and his guest, Chip Hollis, Senior Director, Credentials and Administration at NICET discuss what NICET certification offers, what it means, how you can earn it and more.

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White Paper: Taking the Complexity out of Fire Alarm Management07/16/2021

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​​Managing life safety systems can be challenging for a facilities manager – particularly if you’re managing more than one building in a campus, city-wide or regional environment. This white paper explores tools and technology available to simplify system management and improve both safety and efficiency. 

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Podcast: Industry Roundtable with Rodger Reiswig Episode 8 06/25/2021

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CO Risks, Detection, Responses and Rules - In this episode Rodger and his guest, Chief Art Black from Carmel Fire Protection will discuss CO.  What is it? Why is it so dangerous? And how have the codes governing CO evolved?

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BSIU graphics interface makes new Johnson Controls TrueSite Workstation more accessible05/24/2021

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Milwaukee — (May 20, 2021) — Johnson Controls, the global leader for smart, healthy and sustainable buildings, announces the release of the new TrueSite Workstation (TSW) Building System Information Unit (BSIU). This unit allows for easier control of facility fire and life safety networks from a single location while improving site safety and reactivity.

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Podcast: Industry Roundtable with Rodger Reiswig Episode 704/09/2021

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What is an Emergency Radio Responder Communication System and why it is such a critical building system?

Find out answers to this question and more in the latest episode of Industry Roundtable with Rodger Reiswig.  In this episode, Rodger is joined by Bill Dow from Westell.

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2021 Simplex Product Catalog03/30/2021

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The new Simplex Product Catalog is now available.

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Podcast: Industry Roundtable with Rodger Reiswig Episode 603/08/2021

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NFPA 72’s BSIU: What is it and how it will impact us?​

Rodger Reiswig and his guest Paul Nelson, Product Manager for Integrated Solutions at Johnson Controls discuss the BSIU and what changes were made in the 2019 Edition of NFPA 72?

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Delivering Advanced Fire and Life Safety for a Multi-Use Facility in India01/14/2021

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See how Simplex systems - and the high-speed ES Net Life Safety Network - met stringent customer requirements and were selected to help safeguard a large new facility with recreational, commercial and residential spaces.  

Podcast: Industry Roundtable with Rodger Reiswig Episode 501/12/2021

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UL 268 7th Edition Update

Rodger Reiswig and guest Peter Ryan, Senior Commercialization Manager at Johnson Controls, discuss the 7th Edition of the UL 268 standard for fire detection sensors and its impact on system design, building owners, and equipment manufacturers. .​

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Podcast: Industry Roundtable with Rodger Reiswig (Episode 2)11/20/2020

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Performance-based design of fire and life safety systems

Rodger Reiswig and guest Chris Jelenewicz, technical director at the Society of Fire Prevention Engineers (SFPE), discuss the growing trend of performance-based design and the implications for existing fire and life safety codes.

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Johnson Controls launches smoke detection technology designed to meet 2021 UL standard09/15/2020

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TrueAlarm advanced smoke sensors meet UL 268 7th edition testing requirements coming in June 2021. ​ 

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Upgrade to ES Net Means Greater Efficiency, Lower Costs for Two Correctional Facilities04/08/2020

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Learn how Simplex ES Net can help create safe, cost-effective solutions  

Johnson Controls partners with Westell for emergency in-building radio enhancement04/03/2020

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Johnson Controls announces it is partnering with Westell Technologies, Inc. to provide customers with mission-critical, in-building public safety communications for emergency responders. The partnership expands the Johnson Controls life safety product offerings to include network infrastructure and hardware that gives police, fire and EMT radio signals inside buildings for better public safety communications to help save property and lives.​

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Think Your Fire Protection System Will Take Care of Itself? Think Again.03/25/2020

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It’s comforting when your facilities are safeguarded by a world-class fire protection system – but don’t get too comfortable. For your system to function at its best – and for you to avoid potentially significant restoration or compliance issues – it’s vital to keep your fire protection system on a regular schedule of inspection, testing and maintenance.​

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Product of the Year Award03/06/2020

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Simplex brand has been awarded the Product of the Year in Fire Detection category for its nominated innovative and industry leading features such as TrueAlert ES notification appliances and ES Net IP-based fire and life safety communication network.​

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Johnson Controls notification appliance self-test technology receives UL Verification Mark02/25/2020

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Johnson Controls addressable fire alarm notification appliances are the first in the fire protection industry to receive the UL Verified Mark for their innovative self-test function. ​

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Podcast: Industry Roundtable with Rodger Reiswig (Episode 4)02/20/2020

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UL listing process for fire and life safety products​

Rodger Reiswig talks UL certification of fire and life safety products with guest

Neil Lakomiak, UL’s director of business development and innovation.

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Podcast: Industry Roundtable with Rodger Reiswig (Episode 3)12/20/2019

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Risk Analysis and Mass Notification Systems

Rodger Reiswig talks risk analysis in the context of mass notification systems with guest Wayne Moore, vice president of Jensen Hughes fire protection engineering and code-consulting firm.

Enhanced Simplex ES Net life safety network provides centralized management with greater freedom, efficiency and speed11/19/2019

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Expanded network capacity and multi-loop, multi-topology architecture provides scalability and resiliency with support for supplemental traffic

Podcast: Industry Roundtable with Rodger Reiswig (Episode 1)10/24/2019

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Smoke Control Design

Rodger Reiswig delves into smoke control with guest James A. Milke, P.E., professor and chair of the Department of Fire Protection Engineering at the University of Maryland

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Simplex Fire Detection Portuguese Training Academy09/03/2019

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​Simplex Fire Detection Portuguese Training Academy

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Simplex Fire Detection Spanish Training Academy09/02/2019

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Academia de Detección de Fuego Simplex/Autocall!

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Simplex Fire Detection Training Academy09/01/2019

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Simplex Fire Detection Training Academy

Multisensor Detection05/08/2019

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According to recent testing, multisensor detection has the potential to reduce the number of false alarms by up to nearly 40%. Find out more about the benefits of multisensor technology.

Advice from a Fire Protection Design Consultant04/09/2019

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Warren Olsen, VP of Fire Safety Consultants, Inc. provides helpful advice for system designers.

5 Reasons Why You Should Have an Emergency Communications System03/20/2019

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This white paper discusses 5 reasons why it is important to have an emergency communications system in your facility.

Global Fire Detection Learning and Development 01/01/2019

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​Contact Information for Learning & Development 

5 Things You Need to Know About the 2019 Edition of NFPA 7210/25/2018

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The 2019 edition of NFPA 72 is on its way.  Are you ready for it? 

Buildings Magazine Article Featuring JCI’s Rodger Reiswig: Your Fire Safety System Could Be Falling Short09/06/2018

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Buildings Magazine’s August 13th article features Johnson Controls’ VP of Industry Relations, Rodger Reiswig.  

Simplex ES Net IP-Based Life Safety Network07/17/2018

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Simplex ES Net IP-Based Life Safety Network adds speed and resilience to
fire detection and life safety systems. 

IP technology provides faster data rates and a wide range of wiring media choices for easier installation, operation and maintenance.

Keep Up To Date05/16/2018

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Johnson Controls’ Rodger Reiswig named to NFPA Standards Council and Research Foundation Board of Trustees 01/16/2018

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Reiswig will also assume presidency of the Automatic Fire Alarm Association (AFAA) in June.