5 Reasons Why You Should Have an Emergency Communications System


As an architect or engineer, when you design a facility’s life safety system, your primary goal is to achieve compliance with state and local fire code requirements. While that approach can help ensure a building is well-equipped to protect lives and property in an emergency, you may be missing out on some worthwhile capabilities. Those capabilities can help you better support all occupants of your building, including aging, disabled, or other populations requiring added levels of assistance.

If you’re building a multi-story facility whose occupants may require a level of assistance, you should consider installing an Emergency Communication System (ECS).

NFPA 72 describes ECS as “a system for the protection of life by indicating the existence of an emergency situation and communicating information necessary to facilitate an appropriate response and action.” Also referred to as an “Area of Refuge system,” an ECS is typically connected to an off-site supervising station for 24/7 monitoring.  Click here to read more.