Multisensor Detection


Until recently, standard fire detectors relied on a single sensor to detect the presence of heat or smoke to determine if there was a nearby fire. As many homeowners and facility managers can attest, single sensor technology can be prone to false alarms, often related to cooking or smoking indoors. False alarms aren’t necessarily a bad thing (better safe than sorry), but they can be a nuisance to building occupants.

In fact, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) says that false alarms are the reason many people disconnect their detectors, which only puts building occupants in more danger if an actual fire occurs.

These safety concerns, along with the drive to detect other environmental hazards like carbon monoxide (CO), helped lead to the development of multisensor detection technology. According to recent testing, multisensor detection has the potential to reduce the number of false alarms up to 38%, while also keeping occupants safe from the invisible, scent-free threat of CO.

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