Podcast: Industry Roundtable with Rodger Reiswig Episode 5


The latest updates to UL 268, Standard for Safety of Smoke Detectors for Fire Alarm Systems, call for significant improvements to smoke detection technology. Set to take effect in June 2021, the new UL 268 7th edition standard requires smoke sensors, detectors and smoke alarms to pass an array of new or revised performance tests, including three new challenging tests: a cooking nuisance alarm test, a flaming polyurethane foam test and a smoldering polyurethane test. 

In this episode, Rodger Reiswig speaks with Peter Ryan, Senior Commercialization Manager for Fire Detection Products at Johnson Controls. Some of the topics covered include:

  • ​What are the changes implemented with the 7th edition standard?

  • How do these changes affect building owners, system designers, service providers, and manufacturers?

  • Do owners need to upgrade all of their sensors?

  • ​What is the timeline for compliance with the new standard?