Podcast: Industry Roundtable with Rodger Reiswig (Episode 2)


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While building fire and life safety codes are typically viewed as set in stone, the reality is not quite as concrete. As facilities add unique design elements to achieve aesthetic or functional goals, they also give rise to fire safety considerations that fall outside established code requirements.


In this episode, Rodger Reiswig speaks with Chris Jelenewicz, technical director at the Society of Fire Prevention Engineers (SFPE), about the growing use of performance-based design to address these unique needs. Some of the topics to be covered include:

  • The types of building scenarios that create fire and life safety needs that may not be addressed by existing codes

  •  The role of engineering tools and methodologies—such as computer models and risk analysis—in performance-based design

  • ​ The added time requirements of performance-based design, and how peer review can help streamline the process


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