Podcast: Industry Roundtable with Rodger Reiswig Episode 4


It’s been said that change takes time. And that’s certainly the case with UL standard revisions, which can take years to finalize and often result from new developments in technology and building construction.


In this episode, Rodger Reiswig speaks with Wayne Aho, product development manager at Johnson Controls, about the 7th edition changes to the UL 268 standard for commercial smoke detection devices. Some of the topics to be covered include:


·         The distinction between ASET (available safe egress time) and RSET (required safe egress time) ­– and how they’ve been affected by certain types of building materials


·         How the commercial and residential UL standards differ for nuisance alarms  


·         How changes in cigarette smoking laws have played into UL 268 standard changes


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