• 1958


    Simplex acquires the IBM Time division, solidifying its position as the industry leader in time clocks and synchronized time systems.

  • 1960


    Simplex presence in the fire alarm market grows rapidly, with the introduction of the 4245, 4246, and 4247 series control panels.(4247 panel pictured)

  • Early 1970

    Early 1970's

    Simplex introduces the 4207 and 4208 series conventional control panels, along with their first visual signaling devices, the 4050-80 series.

  • 1976


    Simplex launches voice communication and firefighters emergency telephone systems for high-rise buildings.

  • 1979


    Simplex introduces the 2001, the first solid state fire alarm panel, and LifeAlarm 2120, the first multiplex fire alarm and building control system.

  • 1984


    Simplex introduces color graphics management consoles to the fire alarm industry – a leap forward in making systems easier to use and manage.

  • 1988


    The Simplex 4100 panel is introduced. Increased power, flexibility and a modular design, make the 4100 an ideal choice for facilities of almost any type or size.

  • 1989


    TrueAlarm Drift Compensation revolutionizes fire detection by allowing sensors to maintain sensitivity and performance despite dust and dirt accumulation.

  • 1992


    The Simplex 4020 mid–range addressable fire alarm panel is introduced.

  • 2001


    Simplex introduces TrueAlert, the industry's first addressable notification appliances.

  • 2001


    Tyco acquires Simplex, adding it to the Tyco portfolio of industry leading fire detection and suppression brands.

  • 2001


    Simplex introduces 4100U fire alarm control panels. Built on proven 4100 architecture, the 4100U delivers more power, features and an intuitive new operator interface.

  • 2010


    Simplex releases TrueSite Workstation, a touch-screen graphical console that manages campus-wide fire alarm networks from a single location.

  • 2010 - 2011

    2010 - 2011

    Simplex introduces 4100ES and 4010ES fire alarm control panels with eServices, providing unparalleled flexibility, connectivity and information sharing capabilities.

  • 2012


    TrueSite Incident Commander is released, delivering graphical monitoring and control and a high-resolution, touch-screen display in a package that fits right into a panel cabinet.