​TrueAlert ES 5900 Series LED Addressable Notification Appliances

A flash of brilliance - Advanced LED technology and a streamlined design make the TrueAlert ES LED appliances smaller, more energy efficient and less obtrusive than other appliances. The 5900 Series appliances are also the first in the industry to meet NFPA 72 2016 edition notification appliance pulse width requirements and be UL listed for synchronization with other SIMPLEX TrueAlert ES addressable appliances with Xenon strobes. 
With a decreased footprint and a lower profile, TrueAlert ES 5900 Series appliances blend into the environment and are only really noticed when they need to be – in an emergency. Because they are part of the TrueAlert ES family of addressable appliances, the 5900 Series features revolutionary self-test capability that helps reduce testing costs and ensure systems stay in top working order.
Includes TrueAlert ES functionality - TrueAlert ES addressable technology allows for t-tapping, more flexible system design and easier installation.
Revolutionary self-test capability - Streamlines maintenance, testing, and reporting.
Smaller, more appealing design - A lower profile and sleek contoured design helps the appliances blend into a facility’s environment.
Advanced LED technology, increased efficiency - Decreased power consumption per appliance means you can connect more appliances to each power supply on your system.
Agency approved - Simplex appliances carry UL, ULC, FM, CSFM and MEA (NYC) approvals.