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Our Simplex BACpac Ethernet module is an innovative web-based eServices solution that provides a supplementary communications interface to convert data from a compatible Simplex fire alarm control panel into the BACnet building automation protocol. The Simplex BACpac portal acts as a protocol translator between the control panel and systems that use industry-standard BACnet Protocol communications such as building automation systems. When the Simplex BACpac Ethernet Module receives system status messages from the Simplex fire alarm control panel, it translates the messages into BACnet Protocol. When the BACnet Protocol output is interfaced with a building automation system (BAS), the BAS can display the status of the fire alarm equipment and act on the information received to enable critical building control functions such as HVAC smoke control.




  • Provides fire alarm system status using the ASHRAE BACnet building automation communication protocol - Communications are via BACnet IP (internet protocol).  Connections to the fire alarm system via RS-232 port B, configured for Computer Port Protocol.  Output port provides Ethernet LAN (local area network) connection.
  • BACpac Ethernet Module is pre-programmed - Module is pre-programmed with digital pseudo points linked to BACnet objects.  Up to 1000 status changes (monitor point status) can be recognized from the fire alarm control panel.
  • Compatible Simplex fire alarm control panels - 4100ES and 4100U Series fire alarm control panels and Network Display Units (NDU).  4010ES Series fire alarm control panels.  Installed legacy Models 4100/4100+ and 4120 Series fire alarm control panels and NDU.
  • Listings - UL listed to Standard 864.  ULC listed to Standard S527. ​
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