Carbon Monoxide Detection

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Carbon Monoxide is a product of the inefficient or incomplete combustion of fossil fuels. Poorly vented cooking appliances, furnaces and water heaters are a few of the potential generators of carbon monoxide. Carbon Monoxide is a toxic gas that you cannot see, smell, or taste. CO poisoning is the leading cause of injury and death by poisoning worldwide, with about 40,000 people treated in the U.S. annually.  As the dangers of CO are better understood, more jurisdictions are requiring CO detection in areas where fossil fuel burning appliances are used.

Simplex has the ideal solution for detecting toxic CO gases in critical areas such as residential properties, dormitories, hotels, nursing homes and assisted living facilities. The CO sensor base has a removable CO element that can either work independently as a toxic gas detector or be combined with a photo or heat senor to provide a method to reduce unnecessary alarms from common sources such as steam from showers, aerosols from personal care products, cooking materials, dust and exhaust fumes. The CO sensor base does not require a separate device be mounted on the wall or ceiling. A Simplex smoke or heat sensor can plug into the base with the CO sensor element, saving mounting space as well as installation costs compared to using two independent units.

  • Reduced maintenance costs - automatically identifies when the CO element needs to be replaced. Pop-out design allows for the replacement of only the CO element, not the entire base.
  • Multi-function design - CO element can operate independently or in combination with a smoke or heat sensor to help reduce unnecessary alarms or increase the photoelectric sensor’s sensitivity, e.g. in high value locations such as museums.
  • For OSHA compliant CO gas sensing - CO condition level may be programmed by concentration to affect ventilation control.
  • Addressing component in permanently mounted base.
  • Optional sounder base.
  • UL listed - for both UL 2034 and 2075 applications.
  • Extended Life Span- 10 years of service offers building owners key benefits such as lower building life-cycle costs, reduced replacement costs of CO elements and overall reduced service labor.​
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