Emergency Responder Radio Communications Systems (ERRCS)

Johnson Controls partners with Westell for emergency in-building radio coverage enhancement

Also known as BDA/DAS, the ERRCS is a system in a building that receives external Public Safety radio signals and retransmits them within the building ensure penetration in all areas including stairwells, elevators, basements, and other heavily shielded areas.

The ERCCS supports Land Mobile (Handheld) radios used by First Responders inside buildings during emergencies. ERRCS guidelines are found in by NFPA 72, 2016 edition and IFC 2019. Many jurisdictions now mandate public safety radio coverage as a condition for a Certificate of Occupancy in new construction or retrofits. 

The ECCRS is made up of a donor antenna that receives external radio signals from the local emergency responder radio tower, a bi-directional amplifier/repeater that boost the radio signal, a coaxial cable or fiber medium that distributes the radio signal throughout the building, and coverage antennas that transmit and receive radio signals within the building for reception by Land Mobile (handheld) radios used by emergency responders. 

Improved Radio Coverage Throughout a Building:

ECCRS will deliver an Emergency Responder radio signal reliably throughout a building, especially in challenging areas such as:

- Fire Command Centers, Security Desks, Facilities Offices 
- Stairwells
- Areas of Refuge
- Basements
- Elevator Lobbies
- Parking Garages
- Mechanical Rooms
- Areas with Low E Glass

Key ECCRS Features:

- ​Class A or Class B bi-directional amplifiers
- Supports VHF, UHF, 700, 800, or FirstNet frequencies
- Self-monitors for proper operation
- Can be installed in any building type upto 500,000 sq ft
- New construction or retrofits
- Meets requirements of UL2524 (UL Listing pending)

Common Applications:

​- High Rise; Office, Residential, Hospitality
- Healthcare; Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Medical Office
- Campuses; Education, Corporate, Manufacturing
- Warehouse and Big Box Retail
- Government Buildings; Courthouses, Prisons,
- Sports Venues; Arenas, Stadiums
- Education; K-12​

ERRCS Integrity:

ERRCS Troubles can be monitored by any Simplex panel for immediate reporting.

- Normal AC Power
- Normal AC Power Fail
- Battery Charger Failure
- Low Battery
- Donor Antenna Malfunction
- Active RF Emitting Device Failure
- System Component Malfunction
- General System Failure
- Mandatory Oscillation Detection

Contact your local Simplex sales team to learn more about ERRCS solutions and how they can help improve the safety and code compliance of your facility.

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