Notification Appliance Point-to-Point Circuit Designer Tool

The IDNAC Point-to-Point Circuit Designer Tool​ is designed to facilitate easy and accurate design and layout of IDNAC addressable notification appliance circuits. 

Key features include:

  • ​Fast and simple device selection spreadsheet 
  • Voltage Drop and Current Calculation support for Class A, Class B and mixed Class A & B circuits ​
  • Easy calculation of T-Tapped Circuits
  • IDNAC Repeater support - Class A, B & Extended Mode selections
  • Circuit Tree View with Easily Identifiable Tap Levels 
  • Exportable Project View for Submittal Packages
  • Creation of One Line Riser Drawing of Circuits

Note: Microsoft Excel is required to run IDNAC Point to Point Circuit Designer

Summary of IDNAC Point to Point Circuit Designer Features:

Device Type & Characteristics, Wire Selection, and Connection Type​

  • Device type dropdown menu choices include all of the latest IDNAC devices, DCAI cards, Repeaters, Isolation Modules, T-Taps, J-Boxes and Terminal Cabinets.
  • Device characteristic options include candela selection, wire gauge & length, and full selection of connection options to circuit; series connection, T-Tap parallel, return to Tap, return to circuit root, tie to branch, tie to repeater and terminal cabinet connection.
  • Item point label support
  • Direct PID entry for device selection option
  • Automatic device addressing options

Circuit Designer Flexibility​

  • Allows choice of Class A, Class B or mixed Class A & B circuits; example of last: Class B isolated circuits on multiple floors fed from a Class A riser loop.
  • Repeater Extended Mode option supported
  • Circuit Designer has option to hide/ show point labels and Class A calcs when not being utilized.
  • Project View design layout can be edited to fit submittal package requirements; hide/unhide option is unlocked. 
  • Circuit Drawing option will create a graphic representation of the circuit design that can exported to submittal package or drawing.
  • Full feature suite allows editing of previously entered items without need for restart of design; Copy/Paste Devices, Insert/Remove Rows, Readdress Devices and Reset T-Taps.

Use the link below to download the latest version of the Circuit Designer​​​​

​​IDNAC Point to Point Circuit Designer​​

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