Remote Emergency Telephone

Firefighters’ telephones provide direct communication from the command center to the firefighter via a two-way communication system reserved exclusively for firefighters, typically where radio communications are not available.​




  • Control’s master phone - When remote phones call the master, a call tone is provided to verify that the request is in process (exact
    performance may vary depending on master phone equipment).  Two-wire telephone circuits are supervised and power-limited
  • Compatibility - Compatible with Simplex 4100ES and Simplex 4100U Series, and legacy Simplex 4100/4120 Series Simplex Firefighter Telephone Controls
  • Mounting options - Phone assemblies are available for either surface or flush mounting or as separate phone sets for plugging into dedicated remote phone jack stations.
  • Available options - Break-rod door latch that allows access during emergencies; armored cable models that include voice and ear caps sealed with adhesive to minimize vandalism; push-to-talk phones that provide input control at the remote phone; magnetic latch models with “Fire Warden Station” marking and LED call indicator.
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