SIMPLEX Spotlight Video - TrueAlert ES Addressable Speakers

​The new line of intelligent SIMPLEX TrueAlert ES audio speakers takes notification to a new level of safety, performance and value. Whether you’re an architect, engineer, installing contractor, building owner, or facility manager, the innovative technology of TrueAlert ES addressable speakers can meet your needs with exceptional protection, game-changing performance and improved business outcomes. 

The speakers are specially designed to provide high- quality audio output, improved aesthetics, and sophisticated emergency messaging features. At the same time, they offer all the benefits of the SIMPLEX TrueAlert ES family of fully addressable notification appliances, including easier, more flexible design, fast, cost-effective installation, and revolutionary device self-testing.

Features and benefits of these new speakers:

• Targeted Audio - Individual speaker on / off control directs messages to exactly where they are needed.

• Better Protection - Supervised appliances give confidence that they are ready to perform in an emergency.

• Exceptional audio performance - Enhanced frequency range means better sound quality, and clearer emergency announcements.

• Less Disruption - Appliances can test themselves, automatically any time of the  day or night.

• Easier Design, and Expansion - The industry’s most flexible architecture helps reduce labor installation time, and material.

​Use the link below to watch an overview of the new speakers, their benefits and their capabilities.  

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Additional Product Information

​Click Here​ to watch the TrueAlert ES Video on YouTube


​TrueAlert ES 5900 Series LED Addressable Notification Appliances

Based on advanced LED technology, TrueAlert ES 5900 Series appliances are smaller, more energy efficient, and less obtrusive than typical notification appliances. Part of the TrueAlert​ ES family, 5900 series appliances feature flexible design, easier installation and revolutionary self test capability. 


TrueAlert ES Addressable Speakers

TrueAlert ES audio speakers​ - the fire alarm industry’s first addressable speakers with individual speaker audio on-off control.



TrueAlert ES Addressable Notification Appliances

The TrueAlert ES line of addressable appliances takes notification to a whole new level for enhanced protection, increased value and improved business outcomes.