SafeLINC Internet Interface


The SafeLINC Internet Interface is an innovative web-based eServices solution from Simplex that provides real time notification of  fire alarm system activity and secure access to the fire alarm control panel for mobile and remote users. With the SafeLINC (Safe Live Interactive Network Communications) interface you can add supplemental annunciation and monitoring capabilities to personal computers, tablets and mobile phones.  This allows you to deliver information to members of your team designated to respond to an alarm or trouble condition via the internet.  SafeLINC also provides secure remote access to the fire alarm panel for authorized users.​




  • No surprises - With SafeLINC you'll receive critical fire alarm system information wherever you are.  So, you'll always know what's happening with your life safety system.
  • Receive critical information wherever you are -  SafeLINC delivers alarm, trouble and other event information right to your computer or mobile phone via email or SMS text messages.  You can also log into your panel with a standard web browser to access status information and event logs.
  • Compatible with most Simplex systems - SafeLINC can be added to any Simplex 4100ES or 4010ES panels and most 4100 series panels.   


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