Simplex 4003EC Small Voice Panel

The Simplex 4003EC Small Voice Panel is an advanced emergency voice/alarm communications panel that can serve as a multi-function voice control panel for single building applications, or form part of a large Emergency Communications or Mass Notification system. Its flexible design allows remote placement of amplifiers for up to 5,000 watts, and it has the ability to replace local messaging with centralized messaging, a key Emergency Communications requirement.​




  • Facility wide Emergency Communication - Multiple 4003EC control panels can be interconnected across a Simplex fire alarm network for campus-wide emergency communication.
  • Activate up to 8 separate messages -Initiate messages via direct connection to fire alarm control panel or the supervised connection to relay contact closures.
  • Use Pre-Recorded Messages or Create Your Own - Select from eight  digitally pre-recorded messages using the control panel switches or the fire alarm control panel.  Custom messages can be ordered or recorded directly at the panel.
  • Live Message Broadcast - Broadcast live messages using either internal or remote microphones.  Up to 18 remote microphones are supported for compatibility with UFC (Unified Facilities Criteria) ​4-021-01 requirements.
  • Remote Booster amplifiers - Booster amplifiers are available to expand coverage area or extend coverage to multiple notification areas.