Simplex 4004R Suppression Release Panel

The Simplex 4004R is a two-hazard releasing system that incorporates big-panel features into a small and cost-effective package. Its dual hazards can be programmed to provide an agent release for one hazard and preaction or deluge for the other, giving a high degree of flexibility and protection.  With the early detection capability of the agent release hazard, the fire should be extinguished before the preaction or deluge system is activated.
Fire alarm control panel designed specifically for suppression release operation -   4004R panel is purpose built suppression release panel whose features include:

    • Four initiating device circuits (IDCs)
    • Two notification appliance circuits (NACs)
    • Two releasing appliance circuits (RACs)
    • Two special purpose monitor inputs (SPMs) that accept manual release request and manual abort request for Agent Release systems, and waterflow and supervisory for Preaction or Deluge systems
    • Three auxiliary relays with selectable functions


Suppression release operation - Supported release modes include: 

    • Automatic extinguishing release
    • Deluge and preaction sprinkler system release
    • Dual or single hazard area protection
    • Combined agent release and preaction operation


Audible Escalation of Events -  Stage 1 activates Temporal or 20 bpm March Time pattern; Stage 2 activates 120 bpm March Time pattern to indicate release timer active; Release activates On Steady to indicate release timer expired and actuator is activated.

Event Log - A 50-point historical log allows you to investigate the cause of a release after the event.

Flexible Programming - The 4004R can be programmed from the ront panel or from a PC.
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