Simplex 4004R Suppression Release Panel

The Simplex 4004R is a two-hazard releasing system that incorporates big-panel features into a small and cost-effective package. Its dual hazards can be programmed to provide an agent release for one hazard and preaction or deluge for the other, giving a high degree of flexibility and protection.  With the early detection capability of the agent release hazard, the fire should be extinguished before the preaction or deluge system is activated.
  • Fire alarm control panel designed specifically for suppression release operation -   4004R panel is purpose built suppression release panel whose features include:
    • Four initiating device circuits (IDCs)
    • Two notification appliance circuits (NACs)
    • Two releasing appliance circuits (RACs)
    • Two special purpose monitor inputs (SPMs) that accept manual release request and manual abort request for Agent Release systems, and waterflow and supervisory for Preaction or Deluge systems
    • Three auxiliary relays with selectable functions


  • Suppression release operation - Supported release modes include: 
    • Automatic extinguishing release
    • Deluge and preaction sprinkler system release
    • Dual or single hazard area protection
    • Combined agent release and preaction operation


  • Audible Escalation of Events -  Stage 1 activates Temporal or 20 bpm March Time pattern; Stage 2 activates 120 bpm March Time pattern to indicate release timer active; Release activates On Steady to indicate release timer expired and actuator is activated. 
  • Event Log - A 50-point historical log allows you to investigate the cause of a release after the event.
  • Flexible Programming - The 4004R can be programmed from the ront panel or from a PC.
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