Simplex 4190 Network System Integrator (NSI)

The Simplex Network System Integrator (NSI) provides an Agency-Listed integration solution for owners of multi-building, campus-style facilities that have multiple brands and/or vintages of control panels all needing to report to a central command center. NSI is an integration solution that reduces your risks and life cycle costs compared to proprietary protocol interfaces.​




  • Flexible integration of fire alarm control panels into Simplex fire alarm networks - Communication between the fire alarm network and other fire alarm control panels is via isolated contact closure connections.  A wide input voltage range of 10 to 33 VDC allows compatibility with either 24 or 12 VDC systems.  Network media modules may be wired or fiber optic connections, suitable for Class B (Style 4) or Class X (Style 7) operation.
  • Network System Integrator (NSI) inputs - The host node control panel provides input to the Network System Integrator (NSI) via eight (8) polarized, optically coupled and isolated connections.  Input voltage range is 10 VDC to 33 VDC.
  • Network System Integrator (NSI) outputs - Eight contact closure outputs are available.  One is dedicated as the trouble contact and the other seven are system programmable per application.  Output 1 has dual contacts, Outputs 2-8 are single contacts, each selectable as N.O. or N.C.  Contacts are rated 1 A @ 24VDC/25 VAC and 0.5 A @ 70 VAC.
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