Simplex ES Net IP-Based Life Safety Network

​ES Net is a high bandwidth (100 Mbps) TCP/IP based fire alarm network that supports up to 99 nodes and uses industry standard network technology and infrastructure for greater design and installation flexibility. ES Net IP networking technology unlocks powerful benefits for life safety systems.

Faster data rates and a wide range of wiring media choices provides greater efficiency in installation, operation and maintenance. And because IP is a standard, proven technology, as it continues to evolve over time, so will ES Net, making your life safety network more resilient and future-proof. ES Net is supported on 4100ES and 4010ES series fire alarm control units; 4100ES Network display units (NDU) and 4190 series TrueSite Workstations and Incident Commanders.


  • Faster data rate enhances efficiency - With ES Net, management and maintenance of your life safety network becomes faster and more efficient. Working with ES Net’s data rates of up to 100Mb/sec, technicians can upload programming to all the panels on the network in minutes, which means less time can be spent on maintenance and upgrades.
  • Expanded media card support increases network options - Designers and installers can choose from a range of media to keep networks connected, including Ethernet, DSL, and single- and multi- mode fiber. ES Net also supports long distances between units – up to 25 km (82,000 feet) when using single-mode fiber. That means more ways to meet the specific performance needs and budget requirements of each facility.
  • Network wide system upgrades from a single point - ES Net allows for software updates to be applied to all network nodes via a single download. The high bandwidth ES Net network can perform software updates to all 99 nodes from a single location at any node on the network in minutes, increasing system up-time and reducing business interruptions.
  • Advanced diagnostics - ES Net provides advanced network diagnostic tools and reports that are easy to read. Detailed information about network communication health and status are available allowing technicians to rapidly pinpoint problems, reduce the time required to troubleshoot network communication issues and increase life safety system uptime.
  • Simplex 4120 fire network migrations - ES Net installations can be integrated with existing 4120 networks using the TrueSite Workstation allowing a phased migration path for existing installations. In some cases, existing network infrastructure and cabling may be reused to lower the migration cost of ES Net migrations.
  • Fault Tolerance and Resiliency - ES Net is resilient to failures and can detect degraded and nonreplicated paths between any two connected nodes.

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Additional Product Information

Simplex 4010ES Fire Alarm Control Panel

The addressable SIMPLEX 4010ES panel offers our most advanced technology in a package that’s the right size and cost for a small or mid-sized facility.


Simplex 4100ES Fire Alarm Control Panel

4100ES addressable fire alarm control panels support up to 2,500 points, fire alarm and emergency voice communication, self-testing notification appliances and IP based networking. With scalable architecture and future-proof design, 4100ES panels are ideal for medium to large facilities and multi-building campus style networks.


Simplex 4100ES Network Display Unit

A Simplex 4100ES Network Display Unit provides alphanumeric annunciation and manual control for up to 12,000 network points.​


Simplex TrueSite Workstation

The Simplex TrueSite Workstation is a PC-based graphical command center that provides touch-screen, centralized network annunciation, historical logging, report generation, and control of fire alarm network points.​



TrueSite Workstation Mobile Client

​​Put the power of the TrueSite Workstation into the palm of your hand.