Simplex TrueSite Workstation Incident Commander

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Based on TrueSite Workstation’s proven software platform, TrueSite Incident Commander provides all the software features of the TrueSite Workstation in a space-efficient all-in-one PC platform that can mount on a wall or inside a Simplex 4100ES cabinet. When installed in the 4100ES cabinet, the Incident Commander is powered from the 4100ES UL864 Power Supply and Secondary Batteries, eliminating the expense of high-cost Fire Alarm Listed UPS back-up power supplies traditionally used with desktop management consoles.  
  • TrueSite Incident Commander at a Glance -
    - Monitor and control up to 50,000 devices
    - Support seven network loops and as many as 686 panels
    - Monitor any brand of control panel using agency listed digital alarm communicators
    - Store historical data for up to 500,000 events
    - Graphically display information and events on a campus-wide site map and individual building floor plans
  • Space-saving Design - Incident Commander can mount directly in the fire alarm control panel cabinet and be powered by the panel's UL864 listed power supply and secondary batteries. This ensures that Incident Commander continues to operate even if the electricity fails.  This integrated design saves work space and eliminates the need for costly, fire alarm listed UPS back-up power supplies required by desktop systems.   


  • Fast emergency response and notification - Incident Commander has been designed to support fast, efficient response to emergency situations. In an emergency, Incident Commander receives incoming data from system devices and then automatically provides operators with color coded action messages; customizable WAV file based audio notifications; and detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to respond to the specific condition.
  • High resolution colour graphics - With an advanced graphical user interface, the Incident Commander provides touchscreen access to all system control features. It can import building site plans and graphically display fire, emergency, supervisory and trouble conditions occurring on the network. Higher screen resolutions provide additional space for detailed graphics. Plus, pan and zoom technology makes it easy to zero in on a specific point of interest.
  • Seamless integration, outstanding survivability -
    At a time when interoperability and continuity are more critical than ever, the TrueSite system combines seamless integration with industry leading survivability. Using its Digital Alarm Communication Receiver (DACR) interface, Incident Commander can accept alarm information from virtually any control panel. This enables TrueSite to tie together, in an integrated solution, control panels from other vendors as well as panels in locations too remote to be networked. Incident Commander is further distinguished by its exceptional survivability. Unlike some other systems, Incident Commander workstation operates as an actual node on the fire alarm network. This architecture has the advantage of providing true peer-to-peer linkage with all panels on the network, thereby fortifying the system’s ability to continue operations even if a catastrophic event cripples other parts of the network.