Simplex TrueStart Analysis and Testing Instrument


By the nature of their business, contractors focus on completing projects on time and under budget. Delays of any sort are troublesome, because they can postpone project completion and jeopardize the timely issuance of an occupancy permit. Often times, the fire alarm commissioning process can be particularly trying for contractors, engineers, building owners and local fire officials.
Simplex is taking a step forward to address this critical building construction challenge with the introduction of the Simplex TrueStart (System Technical Analysis and Readiness Testing) instrument – a portable, hand-held tool to help streamline the commissioning process.

The Simplex TrueStart instrument enables contractors or technicians to quickly verify that all wiring and peripheral devices are installed correctly and operating properly– even before system wiring is connected to the fire alarm control panel.
Battery-operated and simple to use, the TrueStart instrument uses advanced software technology to scan hundreds of addressable fire alarm system devices and pinpoint potential problems, such as ground faults, shorted wiring, or incorrect or duplicate addressing.
Through its sophisticated diagnostic capabilities for Simplex fire alarm systems, the TrueStart instrument can expedite there solution of problems, keep projects on target for the planned occupancy date and support compliance with the requirements of nationally recognize codes and standards, such as NFPA72 and CAN/ULC-S537.
  • Simplify and streamline the fire alarm commissioning process
  • Verify that wiring and peripheral devices are operating properly before the panel is installed
  • Identify problems before system wiring is connected to the control panel
  • Download test information from instrument to a PC for electronic report generation and archiving​
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