Simplex Wired Clock Systems

A time-tested and proven solution, Simplex wired clock systems continue to provide accurate timekeeping at thousands of locations worldwide.   Simple, reliable, with highly cost-effective clock maintenance, Simplex wired clock systems provide excellent service for Simplex system expansion, retrofits, or buildings that require the reliability of wired time synchronization. 
Simplex wired clock systems remain the recognized standard for timekeeping in many U.S. and Canadian school districts. Regardless of the wired clock time synchronization scheme employed (impulse, synchronous, BCD, etc.), Simplex wired systems provide unique advantages that other technologies cannot match, including:
Reliability - Simplex mechanical wired clock movements have a longer life than electronic alternatives
Cost - Most cost-effective means to expand existing wired clock systems
Wired Power - No periodic (wireless) wall clock battery replacement
Security - Simplex wired wall clocks are less likely to be stolen than other clock types
Options - Simplex wired clocks are available in a variety of sizes case, dial, and hand styles
Contact us today to learn how we can retrofit or expand your existing wired clock system, or implement a synchronized time system that will not be impacted by building design or materials, using proven Simplex wired clocks,

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