Simplex Wireless Clock Systems


Simplex brand wireless clocks  receive GPS or NTP time synchronization from a wireless transmitter.  Clocks can either be battery powered or powered by 24VAC / 120VAC, and are  easy and inexpensive to install and maintain. 

The Simplex wireless clock system provides the perfect combination of distance and signal strength to accomodate common building materials, traveling longer distances with less potential for signal interference.
Since their introduction, Simplex brand wireless clocks have become the system of choice for schools, universities, hospitals, manufacturing plants, corporate structures and government facilities throughout North America.
A Simplex brand wireless clock system can allow all of the clocks in your facility to be synchronized without cabling infrastructure, providing the exactness of GPS and NTP time accuracy,
Simplex brand wireless clocks are available in a variety of colors, sizes and dial options .  Contact us today to learn how we can build the optimal wireless clock network to meet your needs.

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