Specification Creation Resources: Specification Template Library

This library of editable, Microsoft Word format fire alarm system specifications can help you create specifications more quickly and easily. The templates are arranged by application and format.

Fire Detection Systems:

  • Division 16 Format: These templates correspond to earlier editions of the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) MasterFormat. These editions had 16 total Divisions and the fire alarm systems specifications were usually found in Division number 16 (16721).
  • Division 28 Format: These templates correspond to the 2004 and later editions of the CSI MasterFormat. These editions have 50 total Divisions and the fire alarm systems specifications are found in Division number 28 (283111).

Westell DAS Specification Template

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NOTE: There are no implied warranties or guarantees that these specifications will meet applicable codes, standards and laws, or will satisfy the building owner’s requirements.  It is the responsibility of the user of these templates to amend the specification as necessary to comply with accepted practices, all applicable codes and standards and local Authority Having Jurisdiction requirements.