TrueAlarm Addressable Sensors

The first job of any sensor is to protect your people and operations. The second is to reduce nuisance alarms, which could cause disruption to your occupants and costly downtime for your business, as well as creating unnecessary danger and confusion. Simplex's patented TrueAlarm technology addresses the major causes of nuisance alarms – dirty sensors that result in overly-sensitive devices.


  • Drift compensation – Sensors evaluate environmental data and compensate for contamination to maintain detector sensitivity and increase nuisance alarm immunity.
  • Automatic sensor cleaning indication – Warns system operators that a sensor is dirty before its drift compensation level has been reached, which could cause unnecessary alarms.
  • Seven UL-approved sensitivity levels – Each sensor can be set at the optimum sensitivity for the environment it protects, right down to 0.2%. Sensitivity levels are selected from one of the widest sensitivity ranges in the industry, providing notable differences in response time.
  • Peak value logging – Provides historical accounting of how close each sensor has come to its alarm point, allowing you to more accurately set your system for maximum sensitivity without triggering nuisance alarms.​


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