TrueAlert ES Addressable Speakers


The new sound of safety: TrueAlert ES audio speakers - the fire alarm industry’s first addressable speakers with individual speaker audio on-off control - take notification to another level of capability, safety and value for architects, engineers, installing contractors, building owners and facility managers. TrueAlert ES addressable speakers are specially designed to provide higher quality audio output, improved aesthetics and sophisticated emergency message delivery.




Targeted audio messaging for enhanced emergency response: Different audio messages can be delivered to specifically targeted areas within a building. Each audio unit has its own address on the fire alarm system and is supervised by a SIMPLEX ES fire alarm panel. This means the fire alarm panel can be programmed to select exactly which speakers are to be used and what message will be played on them during an emergency.


Appliance self testing: The self-test process takes just seconds to complete, and can be initiated manually or programmed via the fire alarm control panel to run automatically at a convenient time.


Improved aesthetics: The speakers are available in red, white and black and feature a sleek, streamlined look that blends well with building or facility decor.


Improved audibility and intelligibility: In an emergency, speakers are used to notify building occupants through prerecorded messages, tones or live messaging. In addition, high-quality audio output enables the speakers to be used for standard daily functions like non-emergency paging and background music.