TrueAlert ES Multi-Tone Appliances with Low Frequency Capability

Setting the tone for safety
TrueAlert ES fully addressable multi-tone, multi-candela appliances offer all of the technological advancements that the TrueAlert ES family brings to notification. Available in both addressable and conventional versions, these wall-mounted appliances feature seven selectable tones including a
520 Hz tone that meets NFPA 72 requirements for sleeping areas.
Each tone has a high and low decibel (dBA) setting and each AV can be set at candela ratings from 15 to 185.  The addressable devices have the capacity to program optional settings directly at the device or at the panel.  The conventional appliances can be set directly at the device. 
The combination of available tones and patterns makes possible 19 selectable alter and warning sounds. 520 Hz Horn, Broadband Horn, Bell and Chime tones, are controlled to produce Temporal Pattern, March Time Pattern, or Continuous.
As with all TrueAlert ES appliances, these multi-tone appliances feature flexible design and wiring infrastructure and hands-free, scheduled self-test capability that can help eliminate disruption to building occupants during appliance testing.

  • Meets the new NFPA Standards for low frequency signaling in sleeping areas.
  • Programmable settings for chime, bell, slow whoop, high/low and siren all in one device.
  • The horn, bell and chime settings can be controlled as either Temporal 3 or Temporal 4 settings for CO applications.
  • Fully supervised appliances test themselves to ensure they will work properly during an emergency.
  •  Tests are unobtrusive and can be conducted any time, day or night, without disrupting building occupants.
  • Device information and test history is stored electronically and can be easily retrieved for reports to AHJs and other code compliance officials.
  • Flexible architecture makes the system easier to expand as needs of the facility grow. 
  • Automatic appliance synchronization on a network loop.   
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