TrueSite Workstation Mobile Client

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TrueSite Workstation Mobile Client puts critical Simplex fire alarm system information into the palm of your hands - wherever you are.  TrueSite Workstation Mobile Client connects to your facility TrueSite Workstation and delivers system event and status information right to your Apple or Android mobile device. With TrueSite Workstation Mobile Client you'll be in constant touch with your fire alarm system and you'll always know what's happening.


Key Features:

  • View the TrueSite Workstation status of: Fire Alarm, Priority 2, Supervisory, and Trouble conditions
  • Enables an iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile devices to become clients for the TrueSite Workstation system management console. 
    • ​Gives users fire alarm network annunciation access with restricted features similar to a PC based Remote Client
  • The App is available for download from the Apple App Store or Google Play
  • Compatibility: any Android OS, Apple devices using iOS mobile software revision 6 or higher 
  • Mobile device must be able to access the local area network (LAN) where the TrueSite Workstation server is connected
  • Compatible with 3G and 4G cellular service via VPN (virtual private network) connection
  • Connect an essentially unlimited number of TSW Mobile Clients for simultaneous status information access
  • Basic system status language support includes: English, French, Spanish, Russian, Hebrew, Chinese, and Arabic (custom text is same language as the TrueSite Workstation)
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Simplex TrueSite Workstation and BSIU

The Simplex TrueSite Workstation is a PC-based graphical command center that provides touch-screen, centralized network annunciation, historical logging, report generation, and control of fire alarm network points.​ The BSIU offers a streamlined, lower cost command center solution for smaller facilities. 


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Simplex TrueSite Workstation Incident Commander

TrueSite Incident Commander takes all of the leading-edge features of a TrueSite Workstation and delivers them in a space-saving package that mounts in a Simplex 4100ES fire alarm control panel cabinet.