Simplex ES Net IP-Based Life Safety Network

​ES Net IP networking technology unlocks powerful benefits for life safety systems including high node capacity an dmanagement capability, faster data rate, flexible architecture, and a wide range of wiring media choices. Learn more about ES Net and how it can help deliver greater efficiency. 

Simplex TrueSite Workstation

The Simplex TrueSite Workstation is a PC-based graphical command center that provides touch-screen, centralized network annunciation, historical logging, report generation, and control of fire alarm network points.​

Simplex TrueSite Incident Commander

TrueSite Incident Commander takes all of the leading-edge features of a TrueSite Workstation and delivers them in a space-saving package that mounts in a Simplex 4100ES fire alarm control panel cabinet. 

TrueSite Workstation Mobile Client

​​Put the power of the TrueSite Workstation into the palm of your hand.

Simplex 4100ES Network Display Unit

A Simplex 4100ES Network Display Unit provides alphanumeric annunciation and manual control for up to 12,000 network points.​

BACpac BACnet Products

BACpac Ethernet module provides a supplementary communications interface that converts data from a compatible Simplex fire alarm control panel into the building automation protocol of BACnet.​

Simplex 4190 Network System Integrator (NSI)

The Simplex Network System Integrator provides an Agency-Listed integration solution for owners of multi-building campus-style facilities that have multiple brands and/or vintages of control panels all needing to report to a central command center.​