TrueAlert ES Addressable Notification Appliances

The TrueAlert ES line of addressable appliances takes notification to a whole new level for enhanced protection, increased value and improved business outcomes. 

TrueAlert ES Addressable Speakers

TrueAlert ES audio speakers​ - the fire alarm industry’s first addressable speakers with individual speaker audio on-off control.

TrueAlert ES Multi-Tone Appliances with Low Frequency Capability

Simplex Tru​eAlert ES Multi-Tone Appliances support 520 Hz signaling for compliance with NFPA low frequency notification requirements for sleeping areas. 

​TrueAlert ES 5900 Series LED Addressable Notification Appliances

Based on advanced LED technology, TrueAlert ES 5900 Series appliances are smaller, more energy efficient, and less obtrusive than typical notification appliances. Part of the TrueAlert​ ES family, 5900 series appliances feature flexible design, easier installation and revolutionary self test capability. 

Conventional Notification Appliances

The Simplex Conventional Notification Appliance Product Line offers a wide range of notification solutions for non-addressable fire alarm systems.​

Visual Messaging

The new Simplex TrueAlert Text Messaging Appliance LED display is a unique,  textual notification appliance designed to improve communications and life safety.​