Simplex Wireless Clock Systems

The current standard in  synchronized time technology, Simplex brand wireless clocks receive time synchronization from a wireless transmitter with a GPS receiver or NTP interface for superior accuracy.  Clocks can be located virtually anywhere within a facility, making this a system of choice for K-12 schools and businesses throughout North America.  

Simplex Wired Clock Systems

A time-tested and proven solution for synchronized time, Simplex wired clock systems continue to provide accurate timekeeping at thousands of locations worldwide.   Simple, reliable, with highly cost-effective clock maintenance, Simplex wired clock systems provide excellent service for Simplex system expansion, retrofits, or buildings that require the reliability of wired time synchronization.

Simplex IP Power over Ethernet Clocks

Simplex brand IP PoE clocks plug into an Ethernet jack on a local area network and receive NTP time updates automatically.  Easy to install, Simplex brand PoE clocks are an ideal choice for customers seeking to manage synchronized time as a component of their facility network.