Simplex TrueStart Analysis and Testing Instrument

The Simplex TrueStart Intrument can help streamline the fire alarm commissioning process by identifying wiring and installation problems before system wiring is connected tot he panel..

Printers, Cabinets and Accessories

A variety of printers, terminals, and other accessories are available. Multi-purpose cabinets and separately ordered doors are available for surface or flush mounting.​

Batteries, Battery Cabinets and Chargers

System battery capacity can be expanded with external batteries or batteries with chargers.​

Relays and Card Holders

Miscellaneous devices include end-of-line devices, control relays, and code card holders.​

Door Holders and Closers

Door holders/closers can play an important role in controlling smoke migration in a building.​

Circuit Protection Devices

Circuit protection devices include communications and power circuit protection, isolated loop circuit protectors and overvoltage suppressors.​

Remote Emergency Telephone

Firefighter’s telephones provide direct communication from the command center to the firefighter, typically where radio communications are not available.​

LCD and LED Annunciator

Annunciators provide remote alphanumeric status information and can provide remote system control.​